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What We Offer

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We offer a complimentary consultation.  

Our Services

At Rhythm Hair Studio Inc. we take pride in providing a professional and high quality level of service. 

We offer a wide range of hair services including specialty treatments and packages to accommodate your specific needs.  

To learn more about our services, please email us at or call 905-526-7776 

  • Short hair / Buzzcuts / Pixies / Blunt cut- from $20.

  • Medium - from $70

  • Long Hair- from $70 

  • Seniors/ Boys (12 and under) - $15

  • Bang trim- $15

  • Hair Mask / Oligo Treatment $15. Includes Head Massage.

  • Beard trim- $18

  • Short cuts- $22

  • Razor shave - $22 

  • Package deal ( Hair cut and beard trim) $35

  • Hair Mask / Oligo Treatment $15. Includes Head Massage.

HAIR BOTOX - from $200

The technology is this service/treatment is extraordinary and harsh chemical free - all natural ingredients. This is a Rhythm favorite. It gives deep hydration to the hair and gives a shine and smoothing effect you wouldn't believe. It repairs hair and strengthens it x20.

This makes blow-drying  faster and mornings easier. No more frizz! Great for damaged hair ( chemical or sun damaged) or curly hair. 


Time of each service will be beside the services price. If that goes over stated hours of service, there will be a fee of $30 per hour 

  • $20 for extra scoop of lightener 

  • $20 for extra tube of Color. 

  • $40 for extra toner 

  • Gloss Refresh and style - From $75 (1 hour and 15 mins) 


​Includes just a clear gloss for those who want to just brighten up their natural colour, but mostly this is used for highlighted clients or those with balayage who feel orange or yellow and want a refresh 

Root tap/melt (1 hour) From $120

Includes a toner for mid length and ends of hair too. Price goes up only if someone wants lowlights for more depth. 


​Platinum - Includes toner

  • Bleach and tone 1-2” of root from $200 

  • Bleach and tone 3-4” of root  from $275 

  • All blonde / platinum card - from $300 

HAIR TRANSFORMATIONS (from $300) 3 hours 

Transformations always come with our smart pro bonder repair treatment. This is for people who want more that just some highlights, they want a big difference. This comes with a cut and a blow dry.  

COLOUR CORRECTION (from $400) 4 hours 

Same as prior service, this comes with a treatment, especially for this one because this is for people who have maybe used box dye or got something they didn’t want and want it out asap . Includes a and blow dry and it takes awhile because it’s a lot of in depth thinking for stylist, a lot of colour theory and correcting and a lot of extensive labour.

  • Partial from $80 (covers both side of temple area, parting and crown area)

  • Half from $110 (covers what partial does plus a little more down the crown and a bit of occipital) 

  • Full from $150 (whole head) 

  • Individual - $8 each foil 

  • Panels - $ 15 

  • Face frame only - $60 

ROOT TOUCH UP (from $50) 

Cost depends on the thickness of someone’s hair. Regular starts at $50 but if you need more product than our regular 30g of colour, it’s goes up from there. 

  • Body / Waves / Curls $80   *Consultation required 

  • Consultation required 

  • Basic updo - from $75 

  • Bridal updo - $120 (trial updo - $95) 

  • Beaded Row Extensions -$200 and up 

  • Hair Mask / Oligo Treatment $15. Includes Head Massage



  • *Please note:  Prices may vary and are based upon the length of time required for the service and the amount of product used.

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Let's Work Together

Booking & Cancellation


Please note that we require a $50 deposit in order to secure/book your services for first time clients that are scheduled to receive for more than an hour of services with us ie. colouring, hair Botox etc. 


This required deposit will be applied directly to your final bill upon services rendered. A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to be refunded your deposit.  Payment can made at Rhythm Hair Studio and/or via E-Transfer to

We understand that there medical, work, and unexpected circumstances can occur, however, a cancellation policy is necessary in order to maintain a high level of services we provide. 

We thank you for your continued business!

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